Not Child's Play is a unique collection of writings and art by women who are survivors of incest perpetrated by their brothers. This book explores this most difficult topic in an extraordinarily courageous and absolutely unprecedented way.

Not Child's Play gives voice to the silent cries of shame, anger and pain that have been buried in the hearts of small girls grown into wounded women. Comprised of individual testaments to the struggle and ultimate transcendence of sister survivors, this work is a paean of strength, compassion and hope to the tens of thousands who have shared this life-altering experience. Once sung, these songs will never again be silent.

Not Child's Play is a bomb that will drop into the complacent lives of families who will not or cannot see or hear their daughters' and sisters' unspoken pleas for protection, support and vindication. These words and images will break down the wall that has shielded brother-sister incest from the flame of public scrutiny and personal outrage. This book begins to name the deed, to break the cycle of shame and silence that has kept this issue of abuse conveniently hidden from public view.
    Lynn Bonde, J.D., MSW

Not Child's Play
is a lifeline for survivors, a mirror in which perpetrators might be able to see themselves clearly, an invaluable gift to society. By sharing the truths of their lives, these courageous women are helping to erase ignorance and transform denial into acknowledgement and action.
    Lucy Tatman, PhD


Not Child's Play is collection of short stories poetry, prose and art by women from the United States, Canada and England who as little girls were sexually abused by their brothers. Thirty-five diverse women reveal their experiences of abuse as girls, their strategies for survival, and their tortuous and rewarding path of healing. Their stories are immensely readable, uplifting and empowering. This book not only provides a lifeline for survivors, but is also essential reading for counselors and therapists, the families of the survivors, perpetrators, students in women studies, sociology and psychology, and those who work with teens.

The misuse of power and control that underlie brother-sister incest is laid bare in these courageous writings and art - little girls grow up with excruciating legacies of shame and self-hatred. This book breaks the cycle of shame and secrecy that keeps this issue conveniently buried and allows it to continue. Speaking out changes everything.